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ITMO Fellow Ilya Anoshkin on Nanotubes and Working Abroad

Terahertz technologies hail a new era where blood tests are much more accurate, and Internet faster. All this is thanks to nanomaterials and their unique properties. One of the leading researchers in this field, Ilya Anoshkin joined ITMO University’s teaching staff via the ITMO Fellowship program. In spite of his extensive and successful experience of working in Finland and Sweden, he is reluctant to call himself a scientist. ITMO.NEWS met Ilya to find out why, and to talk about the technologies of the future and his take on teaching at ITMO.

Bright New Dawn of Light-Guided Photonics: How the Next Generation of Fiber-Optic Device is Made

Light-guided photonics is one of the most rapidly developing disciplines of modern physics. Cutting-edge research in this field fosters the creation of new measuring systems for practically any physical value out there; one example is gyroscopes, which are integral for the effective operation of navigation systems. These next-gen optical fiber devices are the focus of ITMO University’s Laboratory of Alignment and Assembly of Light-Guided Photonic Devices, which is part of the Research Institute of Light-Guided Photonics headed by Prof. Igor Meshkovsky. ITMO.NEWS met with the Laboratory’s Head Stanislav Aksarin to learn about its creation and its current work.

Chemists From ITMO University Created New Diagnostic Method for Difficult Climate Conditions

Scientists from the SCAMT Laboratory of ITMO University developed a method to detect viral RNA without special equipment. The sensor is based on a polymerization reaction: if the sample contains traces of the target virus, then under the ultraviolet irradiation the liquid-sensor turns into a gel. The results of such an analysis can easily be detected even by people with limited vision. As the required reagents are widely available and resistant to temperature extremes, the method can be used in difficult field conditions. The results are published in RSC Advances.

ITMO Scientist’s Thesis Named Best at the Australian National University

ITMO University scientist Alexey Slobozhanyuk has been proclaimed the winner of the Jagadishwar Mahanty Prize. Established by the Australian National University (ANU), this annual award is given to the researcher with the best PhD thesis defended in the School of Physics and Engineering of this university. As part of his studies on the joint ITMO University-ANU PhD program, the young scientist researched metamaterials and application of their unique properties in the development of innovative devices of the future, such as highly effective MRI coils and next-generation optical electronic systems. It is this work that was recognized by the prestigious 2018 Prize. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Alexey expounds on the prospects for his research field and his experience of doing fundamental and applied research at the same time.

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