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Physicists Create Crystal Lattice from Polaritons

An international research team has produced an analog of a solid-body crystal lattice from hybrid photon-electron quasiparticles - polaritons. In the resulting polariton lattice, certain particles’ energy does not depend on their speed. At the same time, the lattice’s geometry, particle concentration and polarization properties can still be modified. This opens up new perspectives for study of quantum effects and the use of optical computing. Results of the study were published in Physical Review Letters.

Scientists Invent Method of Catching Bacteria with ‘Photonic Hook’

An international team of physicists has discovered a new type of curved light beams, dubbed a “photonic hook”. Photonic hooks are unique, as their radius of curvature is two times smaller than their wavelength. This is the first time that such a small curvature radius of electromagnetic waves has been recorded. A photonic hook can be used to improve the resolution of optical scanning systems, as well as to control the movement of nanoparticles, individual cells, viruses or bacteria. Results of this research were published in Optics Letters and Scientific Reports.

ITMO Helps Train Optical Systems Design Specialists in Collaboration with European Union

ITMO University has successfully completed its participation in the ADOPSYS (ADvancedOPticalSYStemDesign) project, conducted as part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme’s Marie Curie international mobility fellowship. The project aims to train elite young specialists in the field of applied optics. Per the grant’s provisions, the university was to educate a European student on the design of applied optical systems. Project work was conducted at ITMO’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems.

ITMO's Young Scientist on How to Win Two Grants and Go to Berlin

How to defend your thesis and win two grants at the same time? What is it like being ITMO’s Ambassador? How to combine working in an international laboratory in Berlin and parenting? Irina Martynenko, a graduate student of the Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science, knows about it firsthand. ITMO.NEWS asked her some questions about her experience.

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